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AG Jeans Obsession

AG – Adriano Goldshmied jeans have recently exploded and I can tell you why….they are amazing! I recently snagged a pair of their dark wash skinnies and I’m addicted. They are super comfy and fit great. This past weekend I stumbled upon an AG store at The Pier in Atlantic City and got my hands on not one, but two of their colored denim jeans called “The Stilt”. The material is incredibly soft and comfortable, its feels like you are wearing pajamas. When it comes to jeans, fit is what it all comes down to, and these are definitely worth a try. The material is stretchy, so you may want to try a size smaller than what you usually get. They also have a very nice color selection. I had stopped at True Religion and Scoop NYC but was disappointed with their colored denim variety. Scoop only had 2 colors and True Religion had a few more, but nothing really fun unlike the selection at AG. Check out the AG website for stores near you, also most major department stores carry them like Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, and Niemans. You can also get them online from AG directly: http://www.agjeans.com, http://www.revolveclthing.com, and http://www.shopbop.com. Happy shopping and if you get a pair let us know what you think! <;3 Masha ;

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6 Colored Denim looks to spring into

We are currently obsessed with polyvore and colored denim! So I thought why not combine those two obsessions to bring you 6 spring ready color denim looks. Don’t forget to tell us which ones you love! <3MashaColored Denim
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