Dress to consciously impress!

Hope you enjoyed our bridal week last week! You may not be a bride this year, but you may be a wedding guest, or you just love to dress up as much as I do. I love wearing a dress because it always makes me feel feminine, elegant, and sexy. Nothing is sexier than a formfitting bodycon dress. Wearing a super tight dress like the ones below probably strikes fear into most women, but these dresses are actually surprisingly flattering because they suck you in and smooth out your shape more than you think. Pay attention to the length of these dresses, the shorter ones may make your hips look bigger, but will also show off your legs. 

The Herve Ledger spring 2012 collections = beyond fabulous!

Herve Ledger definitely has the most amazing bodycon dresses, but if you don’t feel like spending $1000+  on a dress there are plenty of absolutely fabulous alternatives. Or if Herve Ledger is what your heart desires, you can always rent one of these hot numbers from http://www.RentTheRunway.com. I rented a Christian Siriano dress once and absolutely loved that I didn’t have to spend $3000 on a dress that I probably only would have worn once. ❤ Masha

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