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Boots to the rescue

If you live in the DC area, you are probably used to having an umbrella close by at all times because no matter what the weather channel promises, there is a pretty good chance it may rain. My favorite thing about rain, or about the only good thing that comes out of rain, is I get to wear my rain boots! I feel that rain boots are a must have for every closet. Do you really want to wear your nice leather or suede boots, or god forbid your brand new beige boots that you just spent half of your paycheck on at Bloomies? Lets face it, even if you find an old pair of tennis shoes to wear during a rainstorm, they wont save your pant bottoms from being plastered with nasty wet street sludge. Save the stress and avoid looking like you just came out of a waterworld flick – go out and get yourself a nice pair of rain boots. I prefer Hunter because they really are not only reasonably priced, but offer a wide selection of customizable options.. They have really cute designs, and they  are perfect for rain and snow. I’ve stepped into a foot of snow in mine and came out unharmed. Jimmy Choo paired with Hunter to create a line of fabulous rain boots, but as far as I know, the only difference is the Jimmy Choo Hunters have a leopard print inner lining to some that may be worth an extra $100. I also love all the different wellie socks you can now get to accesorise your rain boots and keep your feet warm because rubber will not get you through the winter months. They even have leopard print wellie socks which is how I made up for my plain black inner lining. If you don’t already have a fab pair of rain boots, now is great time to snag a pair because a lot of them are on sale with the winter season coming to a close. The other day I saw a huge selection of Hunter boots at Nordstrom rack. Here are some of my favorites: 


 These two are currently on sale at Bluefly:  
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What happens in Vegas…

This past weekend I took a trip to Las Vegas and of course did a lot of shopping. Anyone who has been to Vegas knows about Caesars Forum – a Mecca of fashion boutiques and luxury brands. I couldn’t wait to share my juicy findings with the rest of you, so I did this post from the uncomfort of my passenger seat. I saw a lot of bright spring neon colors which I absolutely adore. There is nothing like nicer weather and bright colors to wake you up from your winter slumber. Get ready to put away that big, dark, down jacket, the faux fur snood, and the over the knee boots (scratch that, don’t hide the boots just yet), and break out the beautiful bright coral, orange, neon pink, lime green, and vibrant lavender. The key this spring is definitely neon. Pastels are also looking like they will be making a presence this spring, so if you don’t like to stand out, no worries, there will be plenty for you as well (hint: keep an eye out for mint green). I guess everything that happens in Vegas doesn’t always have to stay there. Here are a few of my favorite pieces coming for the spring. ❤ Masha

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not so body-conscious

As much as I love bodycon dresses, they are not for everyone and not for every occasion. Here are some bodycon dress look a likes that I found that are not so body-conscious but will still keep you fashionable and trendy! ❤ Masha

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Dress to consciously impress!

Hope you enjoyed our bridal week last week! You may not be a bride this year, but you may be a wedding guest, or you just love to dress up as much as I do. I love wearing a dress because it always makes me feel feminine, elegant, and sexy. Nothing is sexier than a formfitting bodycon dress. Wearing a super tight dress like the ones below probably strikes fear into most women, but these dresses are actually surprisingly flattering because they suck you in and smooth out your shape more than you think. Pay attention to the length of these dresses, the shorter ones may make your hips look bigger, but will also show off your legs. 

The Herve Ledger spring 2012 collections = beyond fabulous!

Herve Ledger definitely has the most amazing bodycon dresses, but if you don’t feel like spending $1000+  on a dress there are plenty of absolutely fabulous alternatives. Or if Herve Ledger is what your heart desires, you can always rent one of these hot numbers from I rented a Christian Siriano dress once and absolutely loved that I didn’t have to spend $3000 on a dress that I probably only would have worn once. ❤ Masha

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SPOTTED: Beautiful shoes fit for a Princess Bride

Check out these fabulous Rene Caovilla shoes I saw on Gilt today, perfect for a Cinderella bride! But you better act fast because these glass slippers are only on sale for $729 for one more day! <3Masha

Elegant Headbands

Sparkly Yet Elegant!

The 20’s and 70’s have one thing in common with hair accessories — the headband! While the tiara will never grow out of fashion, the Bohemian princess headbands or the 20’s inspired crystal headbands are the must have’s for the 2012 brides! There are tons of links where you can find good hair accessories – I found some good and wallet friendly ones on Here are examples of the trends:

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Trendy Bridal Shoes!

Trendy Wedding Shoes for 2012!!

Your spectacular wedding gown needs a pair of fabulous shoes!  Try matching your shoes with the color of your bridesmaid dresses… Makes it even more unique and completes the bridal theme!  If you can’t find the exact color, this company will match and dye your favorite pair:   OR! Pick a shoe with lots of crystals…  I’m a crystal lover 😉
Here are just a few shoes I love and want to share.  What do you think?
❤ Leana ❤
Christian Louboutin Pink Gold Pumps


Miu Miu Crystal Heeled Satin Shoes – $895.00 on net-porter:

Valentino Crystal Bow Satin Pumps – $1,025.00 at Nordstrom


Cerise Crystal and Satin Pumps – these are absolutely fabulous!


And here are some random ideas:

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Just Got Engaged?

You’re ENGAGED! Now it’s time to say Yes to YOUR dress!!

Whether you said YES over the recent holidays or you have been engaged for some time… Your first line of wedding business should be your dress! Your dress should be a reflection of your personality — are you looking for something fun and trendy? Perhaps elegant and timeless? Or vintage yet chic? Your gown will set the stage for the rest of your wedding elements such as your reception hall, flowers, invitations, and so on. With the vast growing number of designers, it can be difficult. When I got engaged, I had an idea of what I wanted in a gown but looking at the trends and what is in style made it difficult for me to imagine my wedding ‘theme.’  Your wedding should foreshadow your relationship – it is, after all, the first day as hubby and wifey! For me, I pictured elegance, class, and romance …  For others, it may be fun, trendy and less formal.  There’s a perfect gown for each of us, and if you can’t find your perfect gown, you can always have it altered, customized or modified during a trunk show or by contacting the designer directly.  Below are helpful links that may help you find bridal shows in your area.  I have hand selected some gorgeous gowns that you may fall in love with or that you may find fits your personality.  Here’s what’s in for 2012!! Enjoy and give us your feedback on which one you liked most 🙂

❤ Leana ❤







OR! You can go for the puffy look during the day AND fun look in the evening, Pnina Tornai has amazing ones and this ones one of my favs:


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